Monday, October 29, 2012

Are You a Bird-watcher, Do You Like Birding, or are You Just a Birder?

If you are a

  •  bird-watcher you are a rather ambiguous person who watches birds for any reason at all. You probably have a bird blind and watch the birds whether it is sun or rain, (or is that rain or shine). You even watch the eggs hatch.
  • Birding is the sport/hobby where someone can enjoy the challenge of watching, studying, keeping a list, and more of the birds lives.
  • A birder can be an amateur or professional but they are simply someone who seriously pursues sport/hobby of birding.

    Then there is twitching which is a British term used to mean "the pursuit of a previously-located rare bird." In North America it is usually simply called "chasing".
     Twitchers have their own vocabulary. For example, a twitcher who fails to see a bird has dipped out; if other twitchers see the bird, he may feel gripped off. Suppression is the act of concealing a rare bird from other twitchers.
     Of course there is feeding, feeders, birdbaths and much more which will all be discussed in future posts.

     Whichever you are - leave a comment and let us know. Do not leave us in suspense.

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