Sunday, November 18, 2012

Winter Feeding Time

     Even though I do not get snow at least not since I have lived here. Except for one quarter to one half an inch that lasted a day at the most. But that was only once in several years. Even if I do not get the snow the temperatures get cold enough - frost - to make the plants die and the insects go underground - or wherever they go.
     The birds still need to find food so they will be very happy to see feeders in the winter. (Actually they are happy to see them all year, more on that later). It is one of the ways to attract them to your yard in the winter, with the feeder(s) and a heated birdbath. You can have one feeder to many feeders depending on the size of your yard - or the size of your wallet.
     When I first started feeding and watching birds I had a large yard and after I really got going I bought a hanging pole with about five or six hooks. There were trees only bordering the yard, nowhere else. I buried the base of the pole in the center of the lawn a good distance from the trees and from the house. The birds gradually started coming to the feeders I had placed on the hooks.

     Eventually I noticed the seeds going down quickly. I kept the feeders filled and watched expecting to see more birds, instead I saw squirrels climbing the pole and getting to the feeders. So I began reading about squirrels. I discovered several different ways to deter them from getting to the feeders. The easiest way for me since I had several feeders in one spot was to place a baffle on the pole. So I bought one and attached it. It kept the squirrels from the feeders. Soon there were more birds. I think probably the squirrel had kept them away before I bought the baffle.
     I had those feeders hanging and filled all year. I also had a heated birdbath for the winter but it was  shaded for the summer. I also planted flowers in a circle around the pole and next I got more hummingbirds. I had a hummingbird feeder up top but flowers brought more hummers. Some flowers were winter annuals, some were perennials. That was in the northeast. Up there I got a lot of snow so even the flowers were covered. The birds were glad to see the feeders since they could not get to their natural food.
     Suet is a good winter food but not all birds eat it because not all birds eat the same food.

Do you select a favorite food for the birds? 
Do you select a healthy food for the birds?
Do you select a combination?
Or does your budget select for you?

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