Saturday, May 10, 2014

Are you wondering where birds build a nest?

Where a bird builds a nest varies depending on the bird.
For instance, woodpeckers - and some owls - build their nests inside trees. The barn owl has a nest in a barn. You cannot always go by the name of the bird though.

There are perching birds. Some of them, a good number, have nests up in trees. Not inside tree trunks like woodpeckers, these perching birds build them on branches. There are other perching birds who have nests on the ground. There are still a few others, such as the House Sparrow, and a few others who build them in gutters; building ledges; tin cans... The list goes on.

Then there are sea birds who live on the beach and build nests in the sand.
Penguins live in the Arctic and they live on the ice and/or cliffs.
Ducks live in water or mud.
Chimney Swifts live in chimneys.

The list goes on. It all depends on where the bird is from, what the species is, what they can handle and what is available for them to use.

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  1. I enjoyed reading your post about birds. Bird nests are fascinating. I can see two from my window in the kitchen and it is amazing the traffic they get from the nesting birds. One is rather low in the grapevine along the fence and another is in a small oak tree under four feet tall.


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