Friday, February 1, 2013

Name Your Favorite Type(s) of Feeder(s)

     Of all of the feeders that I have used, or seen in the stores and catalogs, I guess that I would have to say that the window feeder is possibly my favorite.

     Why you ask? Well there are several reasons;

  • I love how it attracts basically the small perching and acrobatic type of birds (such as Chickadees and Titmice)
  • Those feeders also attract the mid-sized, (such as cardinals, blue jays...)
  • I have not seen a squirrel come to them, so far - (anyone who has, let me know)
  • I like the fact that the birds often 'join' us at our mealtimes and we can observe them while we dine
  • They are easy access when they need to be filled or cleaned instead of in the middle of the yard when it is cold or raining
  • When you have two windows that are side-by-side you can usually fill the feeders from inside the house
  • I could go on with reasons but I will keep it short
     You can make or buy most, if not all, feeders. Take the goldfinch feeder. If you have an old, or new, pair of stockings that do not have holes or tears in them - just cut them if they are connected. You can then fill each side with small goldfinch seeds (such as thistle seed), tie the open end, and hang them from a tree or other area.
     You can also take a strong wire mesh with small holes. Four pieces of approx. 2" x 6" to 2" x 10" wood,  depending on your choice. Attach the four pieces of wood into a frame and attach the mesh, (usually firmly with wood staples), hang it from a tree or the house with wire or place it on top of a pole and you have a tray feeder. You can also attach it to a window with suction cups for a window feeder.

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