Monday, May 27, 2013

Hmm...I chose my birds, I chose my plants, now how do I plant them?

     "I see in my mind a vision of flowers for birds -- or have I? Is everything there? Is anything missing? Maybe I will drag it on until I am sure."

     As I had spoken of in a previous blog, do not wait. Begin with a few starter plants and then add to them. You may make a decision to put up feeders or place the plants first. Whichever you choose you should also add a water source - bird bath, pond, etc. - even if it is a small garden.
     When I started feeding birds I had a large yard that had trees lining the outer portion. I hung up the feeders a good distance in from them and then I laid the flowers in a ring, or circle, around my feeder pole below the feeders. The birds seemed to like them there. That was the side yard. I had a bird bath and hedges in the back yard and another bird bath in the front yard. Like I said, it was a large yard and all of this planting took time. We all do not have this same sized yard. Look at your yard and calculate a starting point - guess where you think that you want the yard to 'grow' to.
     Start small; go to WalMart or Home Depot, or a related store, to pick out flowers and young trees. Find out which trees will be short and which ones will be tall. It is good to have a few of both. As I have said, just make sure that they for planting in your zone.


  1. I like your article here. I love the birds and I have found they seem to like the same plants as the butterflies: red mostly.

    1. Thank you for your comment it is nice to see some life on here at last. I like what you said. I am glad that you liked my post.


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